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"In a nutshell, here's how it went: I got to work with a smart, creative, talented contractor and construction manager who also happens to "get" that communication is a good thing and he's not afraid to do it. Not only that, but he was respectful of my budget and timing, and came in right on both. And I cannot forget to mention that my old house was in just the right hands for keeping the integrity of its vintage years intact in the course of updating it."
- M.Gogulski

"Spacemen has done several projects for me, some large, some small, I love them all, nice guys with good ideas."
- C.Yarrow

"Working with Pete has been a great collaborative experience. He has design skill and technique, he offered working solutions with sensitivity to the design style I wanted for my home, and stayed true to his schedule and budget. I've been happy to recommend him to many of my architectural and design colleagues, thanks!"
- J. Balog

"Your hard work and many talents are evident throughout our home. We feel the end result is a place where we and our kids can most truly be ourselves. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
- A. Quayle

"Oh My God. I was actually sorry to see these guys finish up. I liked Pete, his guys and his sub contractors so much I invited them all to my birthday party a month after the project was done."
G. Selenis

"These guys are a great to work with. Grade "A" wood working skills."
- J. Lazerwitz architect and client

"Working with Spacemen was a good experience. Pete and his crew made our remodel pleasurable. They were courteous, efficient, thorough and highly skilled carpenters. We highly recommend them! And that's the truth!"
- M. McComb

"Pete Tabor did our finish work. We love Pete Tabor. We are leaving our children to Pete Tabor in our will. (Put that on your website)."
- G. Tait

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