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who we are

Who we are:

Good things come in small packages.
Spacemen is a small, versatile, full service general contracting firm specializing in truly custom, medium to large-scale renovations and new construction. Our crew ranges from three to five employees depending on the size of your project. Our employees are primarily art school educated with excellent skills in trim and finish work. We do everything from vintage additions to creating ultra modern new spaces and have created award-winning spaces in Seattle, the San Juan Islands and Boston.

Small is beautiful.
Why choose Spacemen? Unlike larger contacting firms, we only run one to two jobs at a time so your project is always the priority. Pete, the owner, personally project manages each job. This direct link allows for efficient communication between you, your architect, the crew and the subcontractors.

Spacemen offers competitive labor rates and an open book accounting policy allowing you to see how every dollar is spent.

Pete has been building for over 20 years and Spacemen has been in business since 1999. We do no advertising so keeping our clients happy is essential. Contact us today about your new space. Lets launch your pad!

Skill Sets.
Happy Clients.